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lori turner breathwork

Lori’s interest in psychology, spirituality, and healing began at an early age. Being a biracial Eurasian, she has had a strong interest in cultural exploration and understanding how it impacts an individual’s worldview. Her curiosity about how people assign meaning to the world around them motivated her to live and work in various countries including Japan, Nepal, Cambodia, Mexico, the USA, and her homeland, Canada. 


She was first introduced to a breathing technique known as Breath Integration in 1978 when she was 18 years old in Honolulu, Hawaii. She immediately recognized Breath Integration as a powerful tool for personal transformation. Lori trained to become a Breath Integration practitioner with Layne and Paul Cutright, and Pamela Ney-Noyes. The Cutright's developed a methodology and training company of their own known as Empyrean Enterprises.


Breathwork with Lori in Japan

Often mistaken as having First Nations or American Indian heritage, and being married to a Metis man, she developed an interest in learning more about Indigenous spiritual practices and way of life.


Consequently, she studied with an American medicine man named Leonard Crowdog, author of Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men, and his nephew Pat Hendrixson in Arizona. She has participated in various spiritual ceremonies such as the sweat lodge, vision quest, pipe ceremony, Sundance, and more. In addition, because of teaching extensively in Japan, she has a deep appreciation of Buddhism as it is embedded and woven into everyday Japanese life. 


Lori’s diverse and eclectic life experience culminated in obtaining her master’s. Drawing from Geert Hoftede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory and Milton J. Bennett’s Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, she has developed a unique breathwork modality known as Multicultural Breathwork.


Aboriginal ceremony
Multicultural Breathwork with Lori

In addition to being a certified Breath Integration practitioner, she is also a certified life coach with Wainright Global, a certified counselor with The Kelowna College of Professional Counseling, and has a master’s degree in international and intercultural communication from Royal Roads University.

Lori has an integrative approach that draws primarily from Alfred Adler’s family systems, Carl Jung’s shadow work, Aaron Beck’s cognitive behavioral therapy, and Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg’s, solution-focused brief therapy. 


Her curiosity in spirituality led her to study A Course in Miracles which resulted in teaching classes and giving lectures through Unity Church and a personal development training company she co-founded in 1981, known as New World Network in Vancouver, Canada.


stone stack

Throughout her career, which spans over 40+ years, she has conducted tens of thousands of breathwork sessions, trained and certified breathworkers, workshop leaders, and program teachers, facilitated countless seminars, delivered numerous motivational lectures, and published a weekly column about personal development in The Kelowna Daily Courier. 

Whether she is working with top executives and company owners, or people in homeless shelters, she has an innate ability to meet people where they are, with a strong belief that the core of each human being is created equal and worthy of love, respect, and a life of dignity. She wears her heart on her sleeve, strives to be authentic and transparent, and genuinely cares about people. 


She thrives on connecting deeply with others and has dedicated her life to assisting people in healing past traumas or finding solutions to current problems, thereby freeing individuals to actualize their full potential. 


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